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MindGazm For Travelers.jpg

"For Travelers" released on Symphonic 

MindGazm Sensual guidance.jpg

"Sensual Guidance" released on Symphonic 

one funky evening sq.jpg

"One Funky Evening" released on TRAX Records


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About Us

Born in Eastern Europe and forged in the heart of New York City MINDGAZM is a perfect example of why live electronic music acts are taking over the industry.

Constantly evolving and always blurring the lines of genre MINDGAZM brings a unique performance to every track they create and set they perform no matter the time, place or situation they find themselves in. With guitar, wind instruments and musical interludes it is easy to see why their performances take house music to the next level in the highly competitive world of electronic music.

Every MINDGAZM performance redefines a typical DJ set with handcrafted and spontaneous live guitar and wind work inside as well as adding storyline visuals that create a unique experience.

MINDGAZM is signed to legendary TRAX Records from Chicago, Kitu Records in Germany and Symphonic Distribution based out of Los Angeles, CA.

MINDGAZM’s music has often taken them across domestic state lines and international borders with headlining appearances in New York, Miami, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Mexico and Cozumel. MINDGAZM have co-headlined  with modern day legends like Stan Kolev (Outta Limits), MARSH (Anjunadeep), Wassu, Monkey Safari, Izhevski (All Day I Dream), Space Motion (Space Motion Records,Timeless Moment), Omar Labastida (Toolroom, Deeperfect), donnerstag (Androgyne Audio, Tanzenmeinschaft, AWEN) are just to a few of many artist collaborations.

Photo By: Jane Says ©

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BOOKING |, (212) 748-9335

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