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MindGazm "A Love Story" is a concept album released on 7.27.2020. The Album is a journey into electronic dance music and classical tones.
The EP starts with a song named "Peasant" which introduces us to our hero who is a simple vibration with a realm of complexities. As many heroes the complexities of the character make the journey of the vibration full of peril and rewards.
The next song "Noble Lady" introduces our hero to a companion who enchants our hero. Mystified with delight the "Peasant can not continue the journey without getting into the Nobel Lady's orbit.
The EP continue as they both catch each others eye and "Dirty Thoughts" ensue. This song tries to capture the essence of the connection between the "Peasant" and "Noble Lady". Fearing nothing they become one as both of their thoughts and essence can not escape each other's orbit.
Finally, as both are drawn closer and closer into each other's existence, the next song called "Designer Love" concludes our musical journey. Filled with ups and down it leaves us on with a balance of passion, comfort and vulnerability.
Please check out this "A Love Story" EP by MindGazm now out in all stores (Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, Amazon Unlimited, Tidal, Napster, etc...)

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MindGazm is a DJ/VJ live instrument experience consisting of Gregory Gelfand, Jenya Taran and guest live musicians. Born in New York City. MindGazm began as a Techno rock / fusion band, but by 2017 fully transitioned into DJ/VJ Electronic Dance Music experience with visuals and live instruments.

MindGazm DJ / Live sets employ the latest EDM / deep house grooves creating a mixture of hottest releases and original productions inspiring the dance floor to rumble with motion. Nonintrusive vocals, smooth deep beats, enhanced by visuals and live flute, guitar and keyboard help MindGazm elevate the audiance into a sonic plane.

The latest MindGazm productions include: Gentle Chill, Tiny Giants, Into the Sound (coming soon). The deep bass, dance rhythms, visuals and live instruments elevate the dance floor into a euphoric resonance.


Photo By: Jane Says © jane-says.com

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BOOKING | mindgazm@gmail.com, (212) 748-9335

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